Saturday, 6 April 2013

London Calling

I spent my Saturday hitting up London with my friend Tom. Now, I love London. My parents met there, had me and then when I was 3, we moved down countryside way however, I spent all of my summers in Leytonstone at my Grandparents and, though I can't really call myself a londoner (one by birth!!), consider London a big part of my life and love spending weekends with friends and family there. The dream next year is to eventually move. This was the original dream after university but a little something called lack of job and funds played into me coming back with the Bigs. Tom moved to London last November and fancied doing some exploring. Our original plan was to go to the Imperial War Museum, alas this is shut until July so instead we decide to peruse Notting Hill and hit Portobello Market. It was everything. Ugh, I could have bought something from every stall. There were vintage leather satchels, old food tins, retro boxing gloves, nostalgic postcards, I just wanted to roll in the stalls and bask in all its antiquey glory. We decided to move on and hit Ed's, contrary to the picture, we did not see Les Mis on our way to Ed's, I just love it too much. Tom rolled his eyes when I took this picture. He doesn't understand that it's what Marius would do. Ed's was a dream, everything was a dream, why don't I live in London!? 

How was your Saturday? Did you get up to anything fun? I had a bunch of friends who went to the beach, did you take advantage of this rare British sun and hit the outside too? 

P.S. The Louis Vuitton purse was a present 10 years ago. I carry it inside my abnormally large Cambodian wallet, it's to keep my cards in so I don't lose my bank card....again. 


  1. seems like you had a great time! I'm going to London this summer and I cannot wait. Hopefully I meet some wonderfully people and 'the love of my life'. that's my dream! (i know i'm pathetic) :-P
    I spent my Saturday at the mall! hahah
    and the Louis Wallet is too cute!

  2. i miss london so much sometimes :( I was born there, I want to move back eventually. Love that purse! Thanks for your lovely comment too, glad you liked the song :D xoxo

  3. Trawled London yesterday for some goodies, soon I want to find every vintage shop in a one day trip :P

  4. Thanks for the commenting on my blog :) awwww I'm loving your blog and your pics as well! And awww London!!! That's where I want to live too someday! I fell in love with the city when I went there :D Love your pics and am now following you on bloglovin! :D Cheers!!

  5. Awesome city!
    So sweet this photos, It’s so amazing.
    Would you like follow each other? Let me know =)