Sunday, 5 May 2013

Haul O'Heeey

This is actually a Glossybox recommendation. I'm trying to be very good to my skin right now and was really impressed with this as a make-up remover in the sample size, so much so that I was willing to spend the £20 on the full size. I can't recommend a better product to add to your nightly routine. 

I've been using Revlon Photo Ready Primer and loved it however I was enticed by the fact this was clear. I'm excited to use it so I'll make sure to keep you updated.

I went to a village fair yesterday and they had a lot of flower garlands headband for sale. I've got a few weddings coming up and not quite sure how I feel about a hat/fascinator so thought this could be quite a good alternative. Of course, I've got to find a dress to match the headband first! 

This is what I'm watching and reading right now. Sort of. The English Patient is my favourite everything. The novel by Michael Ondaatje completely changed my life, I know that sounds ridiculous and cliche but I've always wanted to be a writer and after reading Ondaatje, it made me realise I could write in whichever style I wanted, my copy is my favourite thing in the world and I don't know what I'd do without it. Though the film is different, I adore it almost as much particularly for Kristin Scott Thomas. Anyway, getting to the point, I lost my DVD and saw this for sale and am happy to replace it. Casablanca is everything. I just finished Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden and really enjoyed it so thought I'd try this one too. Rose Tremain's Music and Silence is our next book club book, I haven't started it yet but looking forward to it. Pillars of The Earth is an incredible book and I loved the adaptation of it (and Eddie Redmayne is in it!!), currently watching this with my friend who also loves the book and wanted to watch it too. It's also based on places where I live so it has a sentimental value to it too. 

As said, I'm trying to look after my skin at the moment so have been doing a lot of make-up free days at work. The sun is out and I'm ready to get a few more freckles and though I burn under SPF 50 hopefully I'll catch a bit of a glow!


  1. the floral headband is really cute!


  2. I burn easily too, it;s the bane of my life! LOL. Cleansing oil is great, I've just started using it myself :)

    so glad you liked the Haim song, I'm totally obsessed with them at the moment <3


  3. Love the sound of that cleansing oil, and I really like that flower garland. I found your blog through The Persephone Complex, I am so happy that I did! xx