Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pre-Order Les Mis on DVD
I have never pre-ordered a DVD in my life but judging that I went to see this film 4 times, I think pre-ordering is an obvious choice for me. I adored this film, I was obsessed with the original stage show and I think it transferred well to the screen. My big criticism was Hugh Jackman's take on 'Bring Him Home' but other than that, I faulted very little. Equally anything Eddie Redmayne is in can do no wrong. From Amazon.

Red Desert Boots
I, need a pair of these boots. I was in Paris, standing in the queue for Louvre tickets and there was a french girl in front of me wearing a faded pink pair of these and I instantly fell in love with them. They're good sturdy boots that I can just throw on for the day. From eBay. 

Mac Lipstick in Morange
I've wanted to buy something from Mac for a very long time and seeing as I've recently been promoted, I thought why not treat myself! I'm usually a classic red lipstick girl but I'd like to try something a little different. From Mac UK.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
I received this in my December(?) GLOSSYBOX and it worked wonders. Definitely a product I'm interested in buying full size. I love the powder to liquid system too. From Dermalogica. 

Ernest Hemingway T-Shirt
I. Love. Ernest. Hemingway. This t-shirt needs no explanation. It is everything and nothing hurts.

Narnia - The Lampost Ring
I'm very into rings right now and I wanted one that really summed up my personality. Narnia was a big part of my childhood and when I found this ring, I knew I had to have it! From Etsy.

Monu Aromatic Warming Face Mask
Another GLOSSYBOX product, I love doing a face mask and since receiving this, I've used it once or twice a week. Come payday, I'm going to bite the bullet and get it full size, it's great on the skin and leaves your face feeling cleansed, moisturised and soft. From Monu. 

Leather Pocket T-Shirt
Spotted this in Stratford Westfields but alas I didn't have enough money at the time. I'm coming for you shirt! From Forever 21.


  1. I really wanna see Les Mis when it comes out!!!

    1. You definitely need to see it - it's incredible!! Thank you for the comment :) xxx

  2. i definitely want a lipstick shade like morange too, so pretty. love the leather pocket t-shirt too! great blog :) xx

    1. I love it! Definitely going to try it out :) Ah thanks, have to track it down though, it's gone from the site :( Thank you for your comment xxx